FAQ for IDM Faculty

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IDM Open Labs and studios

No eating is allowed in the public spaces on the 3rd floor. You may use the kitchen or adjuct office to eat

The large open studios (Rooms 325, 325A, 340, 340A) are spaces for students to work. In particular 325A is set aside as dedicated desk space for thesis studnets.

The Adjunct Office is room 344, you will all have swipe access to the space. You are welcome to meet with studnets in there, but be mindful of others.

The Visitors Office is room 346.

Room 351 is the Print lab with a large format printer, Risograph, and other print making tools. We are finalizing lab access protocols for this space.

We have a bookable conference room, a form for reserving the space will be made available soon.

Media Commons

The 2nd floor of 370 Jay Street is the Emerging Media Commons. Rooms 220 - 224 are available to be booked for installations, performances, motion capture, and green screen filming among other activities.

Samantha Jackson, out new Operations Manager, will have oversight of reserving these spaces.

The 370 Jay Street Shared Spaces Index offers details about these spaces and their capacities.

Printing and mail

We have a copier/scanner/printer for faculty use in Room 329B. Please contact Elton Kwok to install the necessary drivers on yor comouter for printing.

Room 329A is our shared mailroom. You are welcome to have materials shipped to IDM on your behalf. Any received mail will be stored in this room. The mailing address is: YOUR NAME NYU IDM 370 Jay Street 3rd Floor Brooklyn, NY 11201

Classroom technology

Tandon Media Services will assist with the instructional technology equipment and services in the classrooms in these two facilities beginning fall 2022.

The classrooms on the 3rd (307, 308, 309, 310, 311, 312, 313) floor have a flat-panel monitor, speakers, and a camera. The 3rd floor classrooms have podiums and HDMI cables for faculty to present from if desired.