FAQ for IDM Faculty

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Access to campus

You must get tested before coming to campus for any reason. NYU has a page detailing the process for gaining access to campus after/during Winter recess

Essential basics of getting on campus this spring if you are teaching in-person


NYU is not mandating vaccinations, but is strongly encourgaing those who are able to get a shot to do so.

Those of us who are teaching on-campus are eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine as part of NY State Phase 1B. NYU is reaching out to folks about receiving the vaccine via text and email. if you receive one of these, you will have 48 hours to reserve a time for the vaccination through NYU (NB - this does not mean you have 48 hours to get the shot, just that you have 48 hours to make an appointment)

If you are able to get an appointment some other way — through the New York State COVID vaccination website, through the New York City COVID vaccination site (here and here), your health provider, or another vaccination distribution center — you should not hesitate to sign up for it if you are eligible.