FAQ for IDM Faculty

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Class Funds

Previously, the TCS Department provided up to $300 per class for field trips, class activities, food, guest lecturers, guest critics, etc. Thsi was not to be used for books, equipment, paying for a sub, etc. Starting late 2019, this was entriely offloaded to IDM.

Due to the pandemic, our budget for the 20/21 academic year was gutted and there are univeristy wide resitrcitions placed on what we are allowed to spend money on. While we are able to offer some funds, we cannot offer the same level of support we did in years past and funding is limited only to guest speakers/critics. If you would like to apply for available funds, please fill out this form as soon as possible and notify Scott once you have done so.

If you have an approved guest lecturer, after the lecture has taken place please email Scott, Paulette, and the guest lecturer with the following :

Paulette will subsequently send a W9 to the guest so that they can receive the honoraria. If they are already employed by NYU, a W9 is not necessary.