FAQ for IDM Faculty

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What to do if a student is not performing to expectations

We take our student’s behavior, work, and attendance seriously at IDM. You are welcome to contact us through with concerns about students, but please use NYU Connect to formally track issues. This allows us to keep tabs on students in a more robust and holistic fashion than we were able to before.

NYU has a surprisingly good tutorial on how to use this system :

In addition to NYU Connect :

If a student has an unexcused absence or excessive tardiness, immediately after the missed class email the student and cc: Please do not wait until the semester is winding down or after the problem has escalated. If in doubt, email us (minus the student) anyway. You can always raise a flag and/or commend a student in Albert too.

The Office of Student Success is an additonal resource you can point your students to if the need help that seems beyond your capacity. Encourgae students to reach out to for assistance.