FAQ for IDM Faculty

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Incomplete Grades

If a student cannot complete coursework at the requested time due to a valid reason, such as an illness or other critical emergency, the instructor may give a grade of Incomplete/I. In such cases, the instructor and the student must develop a detailed plan for completion which includes a specific completion date. Ordinarily, this date should not extend beyond the intersession, in fairness to students who finish course requirements on time and to ensure that students complete prerequisites for advanced courses. An I grade lapses into an F if the student fails to complete the work within the specified completion time line, or at most by 180 days after the end of the semester in which the I was given. All I grades must be converted before graduation.

The grade of Incomplete/I is used sparingly and only in cases with valid reasons, not merely because students have planned poorly or overloaded themselves. An I grade should not be issued if a student is unable to complete the course requirements without attending or participating in the course a second time. If the student re-registers for a course in which an I grade was given, the I grade lapses to an F. If successful resolution of an I grade would require the repetition of any course or portion of a course, the student should consider formally withdrawing from the course.