FAQ for IDM Faculty

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Covid teaching notes

Teaching modalities

We have three instructional methods this semester. If you are unsure what method you are doing, check Albert, If you’re still not sure, contact Eric.

Office hours

These must continue to be held virtually.

Field trips

Like last semster, we cannot have group field trips or similar experiences. If you want students to visit a site, please keep in mind that some may not be abkle to attend at all. Thise who can attend should do so on their own time, obeying all physical distancing guidelines.

Seating & cohorts

Students in on-campus or hybrid courses need to choose a seat on the first day of class and use that seat for the remainder of the semster. In NYU Classes, there is a tool that will allow you to identify which student is in which seat. This same tool also has a function for determiming which students are part of a cohort and what days they will come to class. This will only be applicable if you are teaching a blended class. You must set up an NYU Classes site for this tool to be activated. You do not need to use Classes for anything else if you choose not to.


We are expected to provide materials for students who may not be able to come to class. These accomodations are designed with student flexibility in mind. A student my be in a different time zone, unable to get a visa to the US, sick, caring for an ill relative, having issues connecting to the internet, etc etc etc. We need to make the same materials available to them that we make to the studnets who can attend.

Faculty may request, via Deanna Rayment, that students who are supposed to be taking a course in a classroom do so. Students who wanted to participate at a distance or asynchronously would then need to obtain an excused absence for courses they are taking remotely that are ‘on-campus’.

You ought ask studnets how they expect to attend class - will they be online or in-person. Students are being asked to pick one or the other, but this is subject to your discretion (ex - a remote student is in California taking care of their family until late Feb and then they come to NYC, quarantine for 2 weeks and then would like to come to class in-person - that’s something I would allow). Pleae be open about your expectations with the students.

The bare minimum is that you record any class meetings and lectures and provide it to studnets who cannot make a synchonous class meeting. This applies to online, hybrid, and on-campus sessions. Ideally, you will be able to provide students with an engaging course no matter how they are getting the information.


There is no mandate to use any particular learning management system (LMS). NYU has NYU Classes (similar to Canvas/Blackboard/etc), which you are welcome to use. Some faculty prefer github, others like wordpress. Use what works best for you.

NYU uses Zoom for remote instruction. You can find more information at this link

We have a service named NYU Stream for sharing videos. You are free to use other services like Youtube and Vimeo as well.

Classroom setup

Our physical classrooms have a camera, microphone, speaker, and monitor/projector to accomodate students who cannot physically attend. Last semester it was noticiably easier for students in-class to turn on their microphones for Zoom meetings to accomodate remote students than to rely on the omnidirectional mics in the classroom.


There are a load of resources that have emerged in the last five months for online and remote pedagogy. Tandon and NYU have a couple places for instructional support as well.

Teaching/classroom resources

General NYU resources