FAQ for IDM Faculty

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Hiring Process / NYU ID

  1. Please check your email for the on-boarding email that Paulette Bancroft will send for you to activate your net ID. If you haven’t received it please let her know and she will forward it to you again.
  2. You will need to submit your I9 documents to HR.
  3. You should have received an appointment letter which you would need to sign and email a copy back to Paulette.
  4. Once your net ID has been activated, go to the 2 MetroTech Center lobby to have your NYU photo ID taken.
  5. To get card access to 370 Jay Street, once you have your NYU ID, please email Eric Maiello, IDM’s Academic Programs Coordinator,, your net ID & Univ ID, which are both located on the back of your NYU ID.
  6. Once your appointment has been approved by HR in Workday you will be able to upload your tax documents in the link below
  7. You will need to go to: for steps on how to upload your tax documents.

On Peoplesync, you will be able to upload your I9 form and tax documents, change your personal information etc. If you’re not able to log into Peoplesync it means you haven’t yet been activated yet. If you have any issues or questions about the hiring process, please contact Paulette Bancroft,, TCS Administrative Assistant, Dibner / 5 MetroTech, LC 130B.