assets for the IDM / BxmC audio lab (2MTC, rooms 823/824)

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Lab Policies

What the Audio Lab is:

The IDM Audio Lab is for the use of IDM faculty, students, staff, and guests working in sound, whether for class assignments, sponsored research, or on their own creative projects. It is a shared space with a lot of different uses…

…each of which is supported by different equipment.

What the Audio Lab is not:

The IDM Audio Lab is not a commercial recording studio. Under no circumstances can you bring clients in to record and then charge them money.

The Audio Lab is not a social space. If you’re not working with the equipment, please find another place to hang out so that other folks can come in and work.

Lab Rules

Please observe the following rules while working in the Audio Lab

Please observe the following rules when you’re leaving the Audio Lab

Room Reservation Procedure

Users of the Audio Lab need to be invited to the IDM Skedda Calendar to reserve time. The main studio (824) and control room (823) are independently reservable in half-hour blocks during 2MTC operating hours.

Students in IDM audio courses can reserve up to 4 hours per week in the Audio Lab, with a 2-hour maximum booking for any given time.

Students in the analog synth club can reserve up to 2 hours per week in the Audio Lab beyond the regularly scheduled club time.

Card access for the IDM Audio Lab is automatically granted for students in IDM audio courses and in the synth club.

Other students interested in working in the room (e.g. for capstone or thesis work) must be approved to do so by Luke and Eric.

Contact E-mails

Who to write for help:

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