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Class page for IDM NYU DM-UY 4913 F Spring 2020

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Online journal

You must have a website to share your work in this class. I don’t care if it is a blog, flat html page, or a text file you update, but it must be accessable to me. You should use this journal as an opportunity to write clear, concise thoughts or questions based on the weekly topics. The writing is expected to be well reasoned, grammatically correct, and written as if it were a paper being turned in. You should link to any relevant sources, and provide as much context as you can using images, video, audio, or other relevant forms of expression.

Weekly assignments

Just about every week, you’ll have a short project due. This will build off the work we do in class together. It is a way for you to apply what you learn in class to something inventive on your own. Details of the weekly assignment will be provided in class. You are expected to document your project with schematics/illustrations/photos/video/audio/etc as applicable, and do a short write up that explains what you did and why you did it. You are also expected to bring this in to class the following week. Each class begins with what is effectively a ‘show-and-tell’ of the work you did. If you can’t bring in what you made, be prepared to show the documentation you created.

Occassionally, you’ll also be asked to reflect on the readings. The expectation is that these will be short, no more than a paragraph or two (unless you really want to go for it, in which case- please do!).

Research assignment

Each of you will be responsible for doing a brief 10 minute presentation (5 minutes of talking and 5 minutes of discussion). Presentations can be on one of the following:

Write up a brief description on your site before your presentation. This doesn’t need to be very long, but it should have links, video, images, etc. and give a reader a genral sense of what you are discussing. Please ask questions if you are unsure of anything.


Your midterm project is a group project. You will work in pairs (there may be a group of three if we have an odd number of folks in the classroom). You need to build a physically interactive system that has some sort of physical input and output. There are a number of different ways this project can be approached, we will discuss in class. You will have a few weeks to build this, but every week in the process you are expected to show steady progress in its completion. While only one member of a group needs to write about the project, the other needs to link to the post from their site. You will present these in class, they should be functional and usable by other members of the class when you present the project. Document your work well. If your presentation fails, you should still be able to show a working project through clear video documentation.


Your final project can be made on your own, or in small groups (two or three members). You will create a physically interactive system of your choice. This should not be a one trick pony, or as Josh Goldberg called it “Dunking the Clown”.

You will have the majority of the back half of the semster to work on this. You will be showing iterative progress each week leading to the final presentaion.